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What Is BizCon in Vegas?

Dubbed as “The Largest Marijuana Business Conference in the World,” the Marijuana Business Conference or MJBizCon 2021 aims to further educate the masses about the benefits of marijuana.

The conference will focus on the latest news, best business practices, and the future outlook of the ever-expanding Cannabis industry. For business owners and executives growing their companies, as well as the emerging industry professionals looking at cutting-edge innovations that will put them ahead of the competition, this event is a can’t-miss.

Guests can also expect new technologies to be showcased in the event and also studies on how cannabis businesses can grow in a rapidly advancing market.

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What Industry Does MJ BizCon Vegas Serve?

doctor hand hold offer patient medical marijuana | MJBizCon 2021

MJBizCon 2021 serves professionals, business owners, venture capitalists, and executives working in the Cannabis industry.

When Is MJBizCon 2021?

December 15 to 17, 2021

MJBizCon 2021 Registration

Click this link to register for MJBizCon 2021.

Where Is MJBizCon 2021 Held In?

Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Where to Stay for MJBizCon 2021?

What Time Does MJBizCon 2021 Open?

Gates open on Wednesday, December 15, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and ends Friday, December 17, 3:00 pm.

Who Attends MJBizCon 2021?


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MJBizCon 2021 is attended by entrepreneurs, investors, and venture capitalists looking for business partners in the Cannabis industry.

Why You Should Attend MJBizCon 2021

If your business is in the Cannabis industry, this event will put your products and services in the spotlight. Thousands of attendees will get to see your goods, resulting in higher sales and brand awareness.

How Many People Are Expected to Attend MJ BizCon 2021?

Approximately  27,600 people

How Many Exhibitors?

Approximately 1023 exhibitors

MJBizCon 2021 Exhibitor List

Click this link to see the list of exhibitors in the MJBizCon 2021.

How to Become an Exhibitor in MJBizCon 2021?

Click this link if you’re interested to become an exhibitor in MJBizCon 2021.

Who Sponsors MJBizCon 2020?


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Click this link for the full list of sponsors.

How to Become a Sponsor in MJBizCon 2021?

Click this link to learn how to become a sponsor.

Who Owns MJBizCon 2021?

Marijuana Business Daily

How Big Is MJBizCon 2021?

1,940,631 square ft.

MJBizCon 2021 Floorplan

Las Vegas Convention Center floor plan Photo by ExpoFP

Click this link to see the event map.

Watch Videos From MJBizCon

Here are some highlights from last year’s event.

While here’s what you can expect in this year’s event.

Professional Photos From MJBizCon

Attendees having a great time at the MJBizCon Beer Garden.

MJBizCon’s expo hall full of exhibitors and attendees.

More exhibitors at the MJBizCon’s expo hall.

See Photos From MJBizCon

Over 200 strains and flavors from Clint Xtra Laboratories at MJBizCon 2019.


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PRO-MIX’s booth at the MJBizCon 2019.


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Riococo MMJ team at the MJBizCon 2019.


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Podcast Related to MJBizCon

George Scorsis narrates the three biggest questions the industry is facing today.

George Scorsis · 3 Deep Questions With Merida 06 George Scorsis Of Liberty Health Sciences

Conversations About MJBizCon

MTrac team is just one of many exhibitors attending the expo this year.

CNN calls MJBizCon as one of the most consequential events in the Cannabis industry.

Questions Related to MJBizCon

Klaus Sperger answers the age-old question if Cannabis is dangerous to your health.
Read Klaus Sperger‘s answer to How dangerous is cannabis? on Quora

Presentations Related to MJBizCon

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect in this year’s event.

Mjbizcon from raycarnes

Documents Related to MJBizCon

Here are the most known health benefits of marijuana.

The Health Effects of Canna… by Cannabis Israel on Scribd

MJBizCon 2021 Schedule

See the full schedule of the conference here.

Where Else to Stay for MJBizCon 2021?

See the hotel map here.

For more information about MJBizCon 2021 or any other convention-related needs, call at 702-555-1212 or chat with us live now. Look to the Bottom Right of this page now to start a chat.

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