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What is IWCE Expo?

IWCE 2018

International Wireless Communications Expo is the Premier Critical Communications Conference & Expo.  IWCE is excited to host its 45th annual conference in Las Vegas this September 27-30. As we move towards recovery, there will be four days of education for critical communications professionals. Two days dedicated exclusively to exhibiting products and services follows after this. 

IWCE Expo 2021 brings together people in the critical communications sector to network, learn about new ideas and technologies that could help make our world safer.

It’s an opportunity for professionals from multiple business areas and private citizens interested in emergency response services or simply improving communication systems within their organization. 

IWCE comes with a unique set of knowledge and expertise they can share across sectors through collaborative learning sessions taught by industry leaders on relevant topics like digital transformation, best practices around security protocols, and how emerging technology affects day-to-day operations.

What Industry does IWCE Expo Serve?

IWCE Expo serves experts and professionals from the critical communications industry as well as executives and employees from telecommunications companies.

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Where is IWCE Expo Held In? 

Where to Stay For IWCE Expo 2021? 

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What Time Does IWCE Expo 2021 Open? 

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