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Unique and Fun Ways to Promote Your Las Vegas Events with Event Swag

Are you planning a big event in Las Vegas and looking for unique and fun ways to promote it? Look no further! One creative and effective way to get the word out about your event is by using event swag. Event swag, also known as promotional merchandise, is items that are branded with your event’s name, logo, or theme and given out to attendees or used as part of your event marketing efforts. From t-shirts and hats to bags and water bottles, there are endless options for event swag that can help get your event noticed and create a buzz around it. This blog post will cover some of the most unique and fun ways to use event swag to promote your Las Vegas events.


Give away branded t-shirts or hats to attendees.

One way to promote your Las Vegas event with event swag is to give away branded t-shirts or hats to attendees. This is a great way to spread the word about your event and ensure that attendees are walking around wearing your branded swag. To make it unique and fun, consider having a creative design that stands out and reflects the event’s theme. This will make it more likely that attendees will wear the swag and help promote your event. You can also make it more engaging by giving away swag to the people who make the most noise or show the most enthusiasm. Moreover, you can give away swag as prizes for competitions or activities or even a raffle.

Use social media to promote your event swag.

In addition to giving away event swag, you can also use social media to promote it. This is a great way to get the word out about your event and create a buzz around it. Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can reach a large audience in record time. You can also use these platforms to give away freebies or coupons for attendees at your event. Additionally, by posting pictures of the swag giveaway on Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll help spread the word even more effectively. Moreover, having a catchy hashtag for your event can reach even more people. Whether you’re giving away swag or promoting it via social media, combining both is the best way to get the most out of your event swag.

Create a scavenger hunt at the event.

Creating a scavenger hunt is one way to make event swag even more engaging. This will ensure that attendees spend time looking for the gifts rather than just walking around aimlessly. You can use this opportunity also to promote your event interactively. By providing clues about the theme or events of the event, you’ll help attendees learn more about it and become interested in coming to it. Moreover, having prizes associated with participating in the hunt (like free tickets) will incentivize people even further to get involved. Event swag is a great way to market your Las Vegas event. However, if you want attendees to engage with your event, including a scavenger hunt is the best way to do it.

Host a raffle or giveaway using event swag as prizes.

Another way to promote event swag is by hosting a giveaway or raffle. This will help attendees connect with the event in an even more personal way and show their support. Additionally, giving away items associated with your event (like T-shirts or stickers) gives attendees a sense of ownership. Plus, if you can find appropriate giveaways to pair with your event theme, you’ll drive home that this is something special for attendees. By incorporating event swag into other aspects of your promotional strategy – like social media posts and blog posts – you can turn event swag into a powerful marketing tool.


Use event swag as a way to thank sponsors or VIPs.

One great way to use event swag is to give it out to thank sponsors or VIPs. This will show them that you value their contribution and make them feel appreciated. Plus, by giving away promotional items in addition to the swag itself, you’ll help attendees connect with your event in a personal way. Additionally, by incorporating stickers or other small gifts into the giveaway bundles, you can amp up the excitement level for those who win. By using event swag, you can generate publicity for your Las Vegas events and show everyone how much they’re worth to you!

Offer event swag as part of a VIP package or upgrade.

Another great way to use event swag is to offer it as part of a VIP package or upgrade. This will show attendees that you value their attendance and ensure they have the best time possible. Plus, by offering event swag and other promotional items (like t-shirts or event tickets), you’ll drive home the point that this is something special – and worth spending money on! Additionally, incorporating stickers into your giveaway bundles can add a little extra excitement for those who win. Using Las Vegas swag this way will make your events stand out from the rest.


Create a photo booth at the event.

A popular way to promote your event with swag is to set up a photo booth. By having guests take photos with fun props related to your event, you can create a memorable experience and build excitement around the event. You can also give away Las Vegas souvenirs, such as t-shirts or keychains, at the photo booth to help draw in attendees’ attention and add to the event’s excitement. You could also have guests guess which songs are being played in the photo booth by having them guess which popular show tunes are being lip-synced in the booth. Creating a fun experience for attendees can increase excitement around your event and generate more interest in it.

Use event swag to create a sense of exclusivity.

Event swag can be a cost-effective way to promote your event and create a sense of exclusivity. When customized to match the event’s theme and style, event swag can help attendees feel extra special and drawn to the event. Also, it could help capture the attention of potential attendees and create positive impressions of your event. In addition to creating promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, and posters, you can also sell event swag at a discounted price to attract more visitors. Besides, you could create fun, interesting, and unique swag items to draw attention to your events and enhance the overall experience for attendees.


Partner with local businesses to cross-promote your event.

You can partner with local businesses to generate more publicity and interest in your event. This will help to cross-promote your event and increase the reach of promotional materials. By working together, you can create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both businesses in various ways. For example, partnering with you could increase sales if your business provides promotional items for use at events, such as t-shirts or stickers. Additionally, by working together, you could establish better communication with each, which intimately lead to improved customer service and a better overall experience for attendees at both events.


Create a social media contest using event swag as the prize.

When it comes to event swag, there is no better way to promote your event and create a sense of exclusivity than through social media contests. By giving away promotional items as prizes, you will likely attract more attention from potential attendees. In addition, by using event swag as the prize for a social media contest, you can simultaneously show off your creativity and innovation while promoting your event. In addition, boosting your event on social media could reach a wider audience than ever before. With the right event swag, you could create a winning promotion that loads up your Eventbrite account and gets attendees talking.





There’s no better way to promote your event than giving attendees something to remember it by. Whether you hand out swag bags or host an Instagram-worthy scavenger hunt, the event swag you give away can help boost your event’s social media presence and encourage attendees to share their best photos and reviews with their friends. And if you’re looking for more promotional ideas for your next event, look no further than Conventions.com. We serve Las Vegas, NV, for promotional items and have a wide variety of options to choose from, so you can find the perfect giveaway for your next event. With our event swag and promotional gifts, you can be guaranteed to have a successful event that attendees will appreciate!


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