What Is DERM2020 Las Vegas?


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DERM2020 is a non-profit organization founded to help dermatology nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) to streamline the best process and techniques in the medical industry, particularly in the dermatological branch of science.

It aims to expand knowledge and introduce new practices to professionals working in the industry. The training that will be provided will focus on the power of diagnostic tools and skills, case-based evaluation, and the art of healing skin diseases.

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What Industry Does DERM2020 Las Vegas Serve?

DERM2020 Las Vegas | one day clinic aesthetic medicine doctors | DERM2020 Las Vegas

DERM2020 Las Vegas serves medical professionals who specialize in dermatology.

When Is DERM2020 Las Vegas?

August 6 to 9, 2020

DERM2020 Registration

Click this link to register for DERM2020 Las Vegas.

Where is DERM2020 Held In?

Encore At Wynn Las Vegas, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Where to Stay for DERM2020?

What Time Does DERM2020 Open?

Gates open on Thursday, August 6, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm and ends Sunday, August 9, 12:00 pm.

Who Attends DERM2020?


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The DERM 2020 is attended by dermatology experts and practitioners who aim to broaden their knowledge in their area of expertise.

Why You Should Attend DERM2020

As a medical practitioner, attending this event grants you the opportunity to learn from the best and the brightest in the industry. You’ll also get to see the latest equipment and trends that will make procedures easier to do.

How Many People Are Expected to Attend DERM2020?

Approximately 100 people

How to Become an Exhibitor in DERM2020?

Contact [email protected] if you’re interested to become an exhibitor in DERM2020.

Who Sponsors DERM2020?


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Click this link for the full list of sponsors.

How to Become a Sponsor in DERM2020?

Contact [email protected] to learn how to become a sponsor.

Who Owns DERM2020?

Dermatology Education Foundation

How Big Is DERM2020?

74,000 square ft.

DERM2020 Floorplan


Click this link to see the event map.

Watch Videos From DERM2020

Here’s a brief introduction about Dermatology Education Foundation for those who are new to the organization.

Brad Glick presents his epidermic findings from COVID-19 patients.

See Photos From DERM2020

Theodore Rosen — one of the esteemed speakers at last year’s convention.


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Camille Flemate being interviewed about her profession as a physician assistant and her experience at DERM2019.


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Dr. Gilly Munavalli on stage, talked about the Expert Approach with PRP and Injectables to the Aging Face at Derm2019.


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Conversations About DERM2020

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Questions Related to DERM2020

Here’s a dermatologist’s advice on what skincare essentials one should add to their routine.
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DERM2020 Schedule

See the full schedule of the conference here.

Where Else to Stay for DERM2020?

See hotel map here.

For more information about DERM2020 or any other convention-related needs, call Conventions.com at 702-555-1212 or chat with us live now. Look to the Bottom Right of this page now to start chat.

Event Vendors

Printing & Tradebooths: Graphicsmart.com
Temporary Help: LasVegasStaffing.com
Models: GothamModels.com
AV: Las Vegas Audio Visual LasVegasAudioVisual.com
Transportation and Storage: NevadaLogistics.com
Hotels, Transport: ConventionAgent.com
Entertainment: LasVegasShowsTonight.com
Concierge: VegasBaby.com

Direct Contact Info

Website: https://dermnppa.org/derm2020-home/

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 888-744-3376

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