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10 Amazing Las Vegas Bartending Tips from a Pro

Bartending can be a tough job. It involves mixing drinks, making cocktails, and serving customers. It’s also incredibly stressful and requires excellent bartending skills. There are bartending skills that every bartender should have. From being efficient to handling customer complaints, bartenders must be perfect in all aspects of their job. But aside from being expert bartenders, bartenders are also expected to be friendly and maintain good customer service standards. Most bartenders like learning new tips and tricks for better customer service. This blog will tell you 10 tips for bartenders that every bartender should know.

1. Mise en place

Mise en place is a vital part of bartending. It means ‘everything in its place’ and involves preparing all the ingredients for a cocktail before making the drink. This ensures that the cocktail is balanced and has a consistent flavor. When making cocktails, it’s essential to have all the necessary ingredients prepared and ready to use before mixing. This includes ice, garnishes (a straw, cherry, or olive), syrups (dilute the liquor with a sweet syrup to add extra flavors), and a mixer (such as vanilla or lemon juice). A bar rag can be used to clean up spills quickly. Also, ensure that all the equipment for making drinks is clean and well-maintained. For example, the blender should be free of any residue; the strainer should be free of hairs, grime, and so on.

2. Practice proper hygiene

As a bartender, it’s essential to practice proper hygiene. This includes washing hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling food or drink and using a hand sanitizer if necessary. Also, it is vital to dispose of food and drink properly to prevent food-borne illnesses. Keeping food cold while preparing and storing it properly is essential to avoid spoilage and food-borne illnesses. It is also necessary to follow safety precautions when serving alcohol to customers, including refusing drinks if you are pregnant or have certain health conditions. Finally, it is essential to drink responsibly and not over-drink. Additionally, as a bartender, you must familiarize yourself with the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and be able to recognize the signs of alcohol over-consumption. By practicing safe bartending habits, you can ensure that your patrons have a positive experience at your establishment.

3. Use fresh ingredients

Keep a strict regimen of fresh ingredients to make the most of your bartending abilities. This is essential to amplify the ingredients’ natural flavors and make them pop in the drinks. When you use fresh fruit juices, syrups, and tonics, you can add sweetness and flavor without adding extra calories or unnecessary ingredients. Experiment with different combinations of herbs and spices to find what works best for each drink. This will allow you to vary the flavors and create unique cocktails that appeal to different audiences.
Moreover, using fresh ingredients is a great way to ensure customers get quality drinks without worrying about preservatives or artificial ingredients. Avoid serving drinks too cold or too warm, as this could affect the drink’s temperature and taste. Instead, serve cocktails at the right temperature for optimal enjoyment. Additionally, clean your bar equipment and surfaces regularly to keep them looking beautiful and sparkling.

4. Taste as you go

One of the essential skills that a bartender can possess is the ability to taste. Not only does this help you determine which ingredients will work best in a particular drink, and it also allows you to gauge how much alcohol is needed for each drink. Additionally, by tasting your cocktails before serving them, you can ensure they are correctly carbonated and bubbly. In addition to proper bartending technique and knowledge of ingredients, it is essential to have good sense when pouring drinks and to keep an eye on your customers at all times. Repeatedly ordering too many drinks or making inappropriate comments could lead to a bartending job that’s not conducive to your enjoyment or professional growth.

5. Use proper ice

It’s essential to use proper ice for any bartender to create the best cocktail experience. Consider using larger chunks to create more texture and flavor when making cocktails with chunkier ice. For drinks with sweeter flavors or lower alcohol content, use fine ice. This will help dilute the drink without causing it to become watered down or icier. To keep your ice cold, ensure you’re keeping your water ice cold at all times. Also, slow the rate you chill your drinks to reduce dilution and carbonation. Using a jigger when measuring cocktails accurately and pouring them slowly will ensure less over-pouring. Lastly, stir cocktails gently to keep ingredients mixed well and prevent them from separating. It’s also essential to strain cocktails before serving to ensure that all ingredients are evenly distributed and incorporated into the drink.

6. Know your recipes

When making cocktails, it is essential to understand the ingredients and h0w they work together. Some cocktail recipes are more accessible to follow than others, but it’s always best practice to test your creations before serving them. Experiment with different juices, spirits, and syrups ratios for different flavors and strengths. Additionally, be sure to stir ingredients well before serving so that they remain mixed together. Moreover, be familiar with garnishes and their impact on the taste of a cocktail. For example, olives are usually added to martinis to give them a salty flavor, while cherries add sweetness. If you’re unsure how to make a specific drink, ask one of your more experienced colleagues for help.

7. Be efficient

As a bartender, keeping the bar clean and organized is vital. Using the right tools and supplies can make bartending easier and more efficient. This includes using bar towels to wipe down surfaces and mops to clean spills and using glassware and utensils appropriately. Additionally, ensure your bartender’s whites are always clean and free of stains and have plenty of ice available to keep drinks cold. To make cocktails quickly and easily, follow these tips. Firstly, know the recipe backward and forward. Also, be familiar with your bartender’s tools and skills. Finally, organize the ingredients before you begin mixing. This will help you make drinks faster and easier. Additionally, time your drinks ideally to maximize profits. Avoid making mistakes that can ruin your night and business.

8. Upsell

You can generate more revenue from your bar by suggesting a different wine or cocktail. This is because customers are likely to order a second drink if they like the one they ordered. Plus, it’s easier to upsell wine and cocktails than bottled beverages, as customers are more likely to purchase another bottle of their favorite beverage after drinking the first one. If you have any specials or menus that need to be served, suggest that customers order food to go with their drinks. This is because food can be a great way to make customers happy and may prompt them to spend more money on the rest of the meal. If you have any delicious desserts outside the menu, suggest they be ordered as an add-on to a drink order. Customers may be more likely to order dessert if they already eat at your bar.

9. Be friendly

To attract more customers, it is essential to be friendly and hospitable. This means being willing to engage with the customers already at your bar and trying to get them talking. It also means being on top of the latest trends in bartending so that you can offer drinks that are popular among your patrons. Additionally, ensure your bar setup is comfortable for guests, as this will help them spend more time at your establishment. This is especially important if you are trying to attract younger customers, as they may be more likely to visit an inviting and comfortable bar. With a little effort, you can create a welcoming environment that will encourage customers to stay and spend more money.

10. Keep learning

As a bartender, constantly learning and evolving in the field is essential. You must continue developing your bartending skills and be aware of the changing trends in the industry. It would be best to stay mindful of what’s popular among your customers. You can do this by using fresh ingredients when preparing cocktails, being creative with garnishes and syrups, experimenting with different spirits and mixers, preparing cocktails quickly and easily using pre-made mixes or bottled cocktails, serving drinks in chilled glassware to keep them cold and refreshing, avoiding serving mixed drinks to pregnant women or those who are drinking alcohol for the first time, making sure to take proper breaks during the evening hours so you can rest and freshen up for the next shift, and more.


In terms of bartending services, a bartender’s work is never done. There is always more you can learn and more you can do to improve your skills. But that said, these tips should help get you started! Remember, it’s all about being efficient and keeping things simple. Follow these tips, and you should be on the right track. At Snap Events, we offer bartending services in Las Vegas, NV. Our bartenders are highly trained and capable of providing high-quality service that will make your establishment more inviting to customers. Contact us today at 702-530-1074 to learn more!

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