What Is Tobacco Plus Expo 2021?

Tobacco Plus Expo 2021, also known as TPE, is the premium trade show for tobacco industry stakeholders. It houses the best of tobacco, premium cigar, vape, hookah, and alternative products in one roof.

Business owners gain the opportunity to engage with a wide range of potential clientele. The event brims with innovation and gives chances to several stakeholders of the tobacco industry to interact and create a setting suitable for a healthy business.

It goes without saying that TPE is a can’t-miss event for retailers, distributors, and wholesalers looking to expand their business’s reach. Attendees might as well begin the year picking up invaluable knowledge about new products and expand connections that will expedite their sales and business growth.

Furthermore, one has the chance to pick up tips and tricks from seasoned business owners, entrepreneurs, and industry experts in a series of informative talks and educational seminars on topics and concerns related to the ever-growing tobacco industries.

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What Industry Does Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 Serve?

Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 Las Vegas | tobacco farmer collect leaves man working | Tobacco Plus Expo 2021

TPE 2021 serves retailers, distributors, and wholesalers involved in the tobacco industry.

When Is Tobacco Plus Expo 2021?

January 27 to 29, 2021

Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 Registration

Click this link to register for TPE 2021.

Where Is Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 Held In?

Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States

Where to Stay for TPE 2021?

What Time Does Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 Open?

Gates open on Tuesday, January 27, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm and ends Friday, January 29, 4:00 pm.

Who Attends TPE 2021?


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TPE 2021 is attended by entrepreneurs from the tobacco industry looking to showcase their products on a grander scale.

Why You Should Attend TPE 2021

If you’re invested in the tobacco industry, then this event will definitely help your future endeavors. The amount of knowledge you will gain from this event will translate to your business growing at an exponential rate. Hence, attendance is a must.

How Many People Are Expected to Attend TPE 2021?

Approximately 15,000 people

How Many Exhibitors?

Approximately 200 exhibitors

Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 Exhibitor List

Click this link to see the list of exhibitors in the TPE 2021.

How to Become an Exhibitor in the Tobacco Plus Expo 2021?

Click this link if you’re interested to become an exhibitor in TPE 2021.

Who Sponsors TPE 2021?

Click this link for the full list of sponsors.

How to Become a Sponsor in TPE 2021?

Click this link to learn how to become a sponsor.

Who Owns TPE 2021?

Tobacco Plus Expo

How Big Is TPE 2021?

1,940,631 square ft.

TPE 2021 Floorplan

Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 Las Vegas | Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 3D floorplan | Tobacco Plus Expo 2021
Tobacco Plus Expo 3D floorplan Photo by ExpoFP

Click this link to see the event map.

Watch Videos From TPE

Here are some highlights from TPE 2020.

While here’s a recap of TPE 2019.

See Photos From TPE

Cigar Chase Fire’s booth at TPE 2020


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Michael Herklots at TPE 2020.


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Conversations About TPE

According to the TPE Twitter page, Hong Kong plans to ban vape sales.

While there’s an impending lawsuit against the DEA with regards to Marijuana medical use.

Questions Related to TPE

Wondering if tobacco has health benefits? Of course, it has!
Read Shakti Waghela‘s answer to Are there any benefits to tobacco? on Quora

Presentations Related to TPE 2021

Here’s a report on smoking and other tobacco products global market report for 2020.

Smoking And Other Tobacco Products Global Market Report 2020-30: Covid 19 Impact And Recovery from Sreeramakrishna B

TPE 2021 Schedule

See the full schedule of the conference here.

Where Else to Stay for TPE 2021?

See the hotel map here.

For more information about Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 or any other convention-related needs, call Conventions.com at 702-555-1212 or chat with us live now. Look to the Bottom Right of this page now to start chat.

Event Vendors

Printing & Tradebooths: Graphicsmart.com
Temporary Help: LasVegasStaffing.com
Models: GothamModels.com
AV: Las Vegas Audio Visual LasVegasAudioVisual.com
Transportation and Storage: NevadaLogistics.com
Hotels, Transport: ConventionAgent.com
Entertainment: LasVegasShowsTonight.com
Concierge: VegasBaby.com

Direct Contact Info

Website: https://tobaccoplusexpo.com/

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: (985)801-0678

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