7 Ways to Bring out the Beauty in a Plus-Size Model

Plus-size models have been around for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that they became more visible in the fashion industry. As the fashion industry continues to diversify and become more inclusive, it is important to ensure that plus-size models have the same opportunities as other models to show off their beauty and talent. This article will explore seven ways to bring out beauty in plus-size models. From how to choose the right clothing to the importance of self-love and confidence, these tips will help make sure that plus-size models get the same respect and appreciation as other models in the fashion industry. So, let’s get started!

1. Choose flattering clothing and styles

When choosing clothing and styles for a plus-size model, it’s important to focus on flattering the model’s natural body shape and proportions. Here are some tips for choosing clothing and styles that will bring out the beauty in a plus-size model:

  • Choose clothing that fits well. Proper fit is key for any model, but it’s especially important for plus-size models. Clothing that is too tight can be unflattering and uncomfortable, while clothing that is too loose can make a model look larger than they are.
  • Opt for clothing that is tailored to the model’s body shape. Different body shapes will look better in different types of clothing. For example, if the model has an hourglass figure, they may look great in clothing that cinches at the waist to highlight their curves.
  • Avoid clothing with busy patterns or large logos. These types of clothing can be distracting and take away from the model’s natural beauty. Stick to solid colors or small, subtle patterns instead.
  • Consider the model’s style. Choosing clothing that reflects the model’s style and makes them feel confident and comfortable is important. If the model feels good in their clothing, it will show in their photos.
  • Use accessories to add interest. Accessories, like belts, scarves, and statement jewelry, can add visual interest and help flatter the model’s body. Be sure not to go overboard – too many accessories can be overwhelming.

2. Embrace curves

Embracing curves is an approach to modeling and fashion that celebrates the body’s natural shape, particularly in the case of plus-size models. This can involve choosing clothing that fits well and flatters the body rather than trying to hide or minimize the curves. It can also involve posing and styling in a way that showcases the natural beauty and confidence of the model.

This approach can bring out the beauty in a plus-size model and challenge societal standards of beauty that often prioritize a narrow range of body types. By embracing their curves, plus-size models can inspire confidence and body positivity in others.

3. Accessorize

One way to accessorize and bring out the beauty in a plus-size model is by choosing the right clothing and accessories that flatter the model’s body type and skin tone. This might include selecting tops with a more fitted silhouette to help create a balanced look or pairing a flowy skirt with a belt to define the waist. Another way to accessorize is to choose statement pieces that draw attention to the face or other features that the model wants to highlight. This could include bold earrings, a statement necklace, or a scarf that adds color or texture to an outfit.

Also, choosing the right makeup and hairstyle can help bring out the beauty of a plus-size model. A natural, radiant makeup look can help to enhance the model’s natural beauty, while a hairstyle that frames the face can help to draw attention to the model’s features. Overall, the key to accessorizing and bringing out the beauty in a plus-size model is to focus on finding pieces that highlight the model’s natural beauty and help create a balanced, flattering silhouette.

4. Go for color

When making a plus-size model look great, color is a key factor. Bright, bold colors draw attention to curves and highlight the model’s beauty. When selecting clothing for a plus-size model, it’s important to remember that color can act as a slimming element. Choose colors that flatter the model’s body type, and avoid colors that may wash them out. Darker colors, such as navy, black, and charcoal, can be slimming and help give a plus-size model an hourglass figure. These colors can also create an eye-catching contrast with lighter colors and accessories. Bright colors, such as red, pink, and yellow, can also bring out the beauty of a plus-size model. These colors are great for emphasizing curves, as well as for creating a more balanced look.

If a plus-size model is looking to add a bit of sparkle to their look, they can opt for metallic colors and fabrics. Metallic colors, such as gold, silver, and copper, can draw attention to curves and create a more dramatic look. Metallic fabrics, such as sequins and lame, can also be used to add a bit of shine to any look. When styling a plus-size model, it’s important to create a look that will flatter their body type and bring out their beauty. Color is a key factor in achieving this, so choose colors that will enhance, rather than detract, from the model’s look.

5. Go for natural makeup

Plus-size models are beautiful and should be celebrated for their curves! Natural makeup is the perfect way to enhance their natural beauty and bring out their unique features. Here are some tips on how to bring out the beauty in a plus-size model with natural makeup: 

  1. Start with a moisturizing base. Using a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer helps to keep the skin feeling hydrated and radiant. This will create a smooth canvas for the makeup application and make it easier to blend. 
  2. Use a light foundation. A light foundation that matches the skin tone should be applied in a light, even layer and blended well. This will provide a subtle coverage that allows the model’s natural skin tone to show through. 
  3. Use a bronzer. A bronzer can help to add a warm glow to the skin and help to define the model’s features. Choose a warm shade one to two shades darker than the model’s skin tone and apply it sparingly. 
  4. Enhance the eyes. Use a light brown eyeshadow to add depth and dimension to the eyes. A light pink blush can then be applied to the cheekbones and blended upward to give the skin a healthy glow. 
  5. Keep the lips natural. Use a lip balm or gloss to keep the lips hydrated and natural-looking. A light pink or nude shade can add a subtle hint of color without being too overpowering. 

By following these steps, you can help to bring out the beauty in a plus-size model with natural makeup. With the right products and techniques, you can help to enhance the model’s natural beauty and create stunning looks that flatter their figure.

6. Play with proportion

Proportion refers to the relative sizes and relationships of different body parts or objects in a composition. When working with plus-size models, it is important to pay attention to proportion to bring out their beauty and showcase their figures flatteringly.

One way to play with proportion is to choose clothes and poses that highlight the model’s best features and create balance within the frame. For example, if the model has a smaller upper body and a larger lower body, you might choose tops that draw the eye upwards and bottoms that flow away from the body to balance the proportions.

Another way to play with proportion is to use accessories, such as belts or scarves, to create visual interest and draw the eye to a specific area. For example, a belt cinched at the waist can help create an hourglass silhouette and bring attention to the narrowest part of the body.

7. Highlight features

Highlighting the beauty of a plus-size model is an important part of creating an inclusive and inspiring fashion and beauty industry. Various techniques can be used to bring out the beauty of a plus-size model, from flattering poses to creative wardrobe choices. Here are some highlighted features to consider when showcasing the beauty of a plus-size model. 

Posing: Posing is critical for bringing out the beauty of a plus-size model. Directing the model to take poses that emphasize her curves, like drawing her arms away from the body to show off the waist or leaning forward to create a more flattering silhouette, can help to create a gorgeous and confident look. 

Wardrobe: Clothing choices can make or break a photo shoot. Look for form-fitting clothing that accentuates the model’s shape, like wrap dresses or cinched waists. Avoid baggy clothing, as it can make a plus-size model appear larger than she is. 

Makeup: Makeup is an amazing tool for highlighting the beauty of a plus-size model. Choose a look that emphasizes the model’s features, like playing up the eyes with bold eyeliner or adding a pop of color with a bold lip. 

Lighting: Lighting can make a huge difference in a photo shoot. Natural light, like shooting outdoors or near a window, can help create a soft and flattering look. Avoid harsh overhead lighting, which can cast unflattering shadows on the model’s face and body. 

These are just a few highlighted features to consider when bringing out the beauty of a plus-size model. With these tips, plus-size models can be showcased in all their beauty, creating a more inclusive and inspiring fashion and beauty industry.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of a plus-size model should be celebrated and embraced. With the right attitude and simple styling tips, plus-size models can look stunning on any runway. By choosing flattering clothing, adding accessories and make-up, and accentuating curves, plus-size models can bring out their beauty and help redefine beauty standards in the fashion industry.

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