What Is International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020?


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The International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020 is the ultimate event to expand and connect with other business owners outside your region, as well as other residential and commercial pool and spa professionals from all over the world who have the same goal in mind.

This highly specialized marketplace establishes a unique exchange of processes, product knowledge, and best practices in the industry.

Moreover, the PSP Expo is where industry leaders gather and impart their years of experience in the field to newer business owners. Impactful relationships are formed in this event thanks to programs like the Welcome Party and the GENESIS Family Reunion Dinner.

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What Industry Does International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020 Serve?

International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020 Las Vegas | man working on laptop by pool | International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020

PSP 2020 serves professionals and business owners working in the resorts and spa industry.

When Is International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020?

November 8 to 13, 2020

International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020 Registration

Click this link to register for PSP 2020.

Where Is International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020 Held In?

Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Resort and Casino, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119, United States

Where to Stay for International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020?

What Time Does PSP Expo 2020 Open?

Gates open on Sunday, November 8, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm and ends Friday, November 13, 2:30 pm.

Who Attends PSP Expo 2020?


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PSP is attended by professionals who aim to sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge in the spa and resorts industry. The event is packed with dynamic education programs and will also feature the industry’s leading organizations.

Why You Should Attend PSP Expo 2020

Attending this event will give you access to more than 10,500 buyers from all regions of the United States and over the globe. Whether you’re coming as a residential and commercial builder, service professional, installer, spa dealer, outdoor living retailer, or a buying agent, there’s a program dedicated to you.

How Many People Are Expected to Attend International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020?

Approximately 10,000 people

How Many Exhibitors?

450 exhibitors

International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020 Exhibitor List

Click this link to see the list of exhibitors in the PSP Expo 2020.

How to Become an Exhibitor in PSP 2020?

Click this link if you’re interested to become an exhibitor in the PSP Expo 2020.

Who Is Speaking at PSP 2020?


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2020 Speakers Include:

For the complete list of PSP 2020 speakers, please click here.

Who Sponsors International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020?

Click this link for the full list of sponsors.

How to Become a Sponsor in PSP 2020?

Click this link to learn how to become a sponsor.

Who Owns PSP 2020?

Informa Markets

How Big Is International PSP 2020?

1,000,000 square ft.

PSP 2020 Floorplan

International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020 Las Vegas | Mandalay Bay Casino Floorplan | International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020
Mandalay Bay Casino Floorplan Photo by Smart Vegas

Click this link to see the event map.

Watch Videos From PSP

Here are some highlights from the 2018 event.

While here are some of the takeaways from last year’s event.

See Photos From PSP

Pool Brain’s booth at PSP Expo 2019.


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Learn valuable information from the people in the spa and resorts industry in PSP Expo.


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Genesis Education at PSP Expo 2019.


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Podcasts Related to PSP

Here’s a recap of the events that transpired in a PSP Expo held in New Orleans.

Ask The Masters · PSP Expo Recap & Upcoming Events 2020 | EP35

Conversations About PSP Expo

Community leaders give the latest update on what’s happening in the community.

While here are some products that will absolutely make your patio look better.

Presentations Related to PSP Expo

Here are some of the topics discussed in the PSP event held in New Orleans.

Pool spa patio expo from Global B2B Contacts

Documents Related to PSP 2020

Here are some swimming pool guidelines that can be implemented at resorts.

swimming_pool_rules_2008 by ENG ENG on Scribd

PSP 2020 Schedule

See the full schedule of the conference here.

Where Else to Stay for PSP Expo 2020?

See the hotel map here.

For more information about International Pool/Spa/Patio Expo 2020 or any other convention-related needs, call Conventions.com at 702-555-1212 or chat with us live now. Look to the Bottom Right of this page now to start chat.

Event Vendors

Printing & Tradebooths: Graphicsmart.com
Temporary Help: LasVegasStaffing.com
Models: GothamModels.com
AV: Las Vegas Audio Visual LasVegasAudioVisual.com
Transportation and Storage: NevadaLogistics.com
Hotels, Transport: ConventionAgent.com
Entertainment: LasVegasShowsTonight.com
Concierge: VegasBaby.com

Direct Contact Info

Website: https://www.poolspapatio.com/en/home.html

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 972-536-6350

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